Fire District Election on Tuesday, April 20th – Please VOTE

On Tuesday, April 20th from 2pm to 8pm, the Fire District will be holding its annual Fire District Election. The polling location will be at the Harrison Township Municipal Building located at 114 Bridgeton Pike. All Harrison Township registered voters are encouraged to come out and support the Fire District as we continue to provide the best possible fire protection to our residents.

Voters will be asked to cast a vote for two Commissioners and approve the 2021 budget. The current tax rate for the fire district is $0.079 per $100 dollars of assessed value, which is the lowest of all the fire districts in Gloucester County. The Board of Fire Commissioners is asking for a $0.001 cent increase for 2021.

If approved, the average homeowner would go from an annual amount of $272.00 for fire protection to $275.00 annually. A $3 increase for the year to cover all of the services that the Fire District provides.

Understanding Where Your Tax Dollars are Being Used

  • Every fire hydrant in Harrison Twp. is rented and paid for yearly
  • All the utility costs and maintenance for both volunteer fire stations
  • The Fire District provides paid staff during the daytime hours to ensure adequate staffing of the fire trucks for emergencies
  • All training and fire education for our volunteers and paid staff
  • All firefighting equipment, uniforms, maintenance, fuel, and insurance
  • All professional services such as accounting, advertising, and legal fees
  • Yearly physicals and medical testing for our volunteers and paid staff
  • Full time district clerk to perform office duties and budget oversight
  • Part time Fire Official and Fire Inspectors to enforce the Fire Code
  • All the Fire Prevention supplies that are provided to our local schools and daycare facilities located within Harrison Township

The Fire District would like to thank you in advance for your support of the annual budget and your continued support of the Fire District in 2021.

Thank You on behalf of the Board of Fire Commissioners,

Ken Powell,

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